Vision | Mission

At New Hill Church, we exist to 'Put Jesus into Perspective'. That means we do life, walk through struggles, and all we do, together. We are constantly trying to view our circumstances from the hill, where we have a good view of Jesus, in light of our current situation. Jesus must always be our focus, regardless of the day-to-day.

Our mission is to go 'From Faithless to Faithful'. This is how we know we truly have Jesus in perspective, when we truly have our faith rooted in the soil of our troubles and trust in Christ through our trials. 



We follow a strategy for our daily living. This helps us focus on living out what we say we believe, and helps us get new believers into rhythm. This is not dogmatic, just a good rule of thumb from scripture on what it means to be a believer. This is our H.O.P.E.

01. Honor

Honor God in all that we do. We must go to God for wisdom, and make every life decision based on His word, and what glory he's given. 

02. Observe

Observe the things He's commanded us. This means we value every bit of God's Word, so we follow, observe, and obey it. 

03. Provide

Provide to the needs of others. This means we want to care to our community. We want to feed the hungry, find employment for the unemployed, and genuinely care for our community.

04. Extend

Extend the offer that has been extended to us. We love our community, neighbors, and all, but the Gospel is what drives us, so we share it. We want everyone to know about Jesus, and to gain a true perspective of Him.





New Hill is a Southern Baptist Church Plant. We are in complete agreement with the Southern Baptist statement of faith, The Baptist Faith and Message 2000. For more information on those statements, or to check them out, click here